Letters to Lauren: RB, Granville

RB from Granville wrote:

I taught middle and high school students for 46 years. I have now substituted at my local schools for three additional years. Why have I continued to work with young people in our schools, you might ask. The answer is that I believe in public education and in what our teachers do each and every day.

Shame on you for trivializing what school employees do each and every day. Your remarks are bait that is meant to enrage and galvanize your base. Shame on you for putting politics and your job security ahead of our children and their future.

Lauren Bowen is blaming, shaming and accusing teachers of lower test scores, depression, substance abuse and even suicide.

Lauren Bowen is a hypocrite. She opposes Columbus teachers looking out for the safety of their students, families and communities while supporting online distance learning charter schools like ECOT.

In a press release she said ” at least educators will get a two-week reprieve while displaced students continue to deal with the real epidemic caused by two years’ worth of enforced distance learning — lower test scores, reduced motivation, depression, substance abuse and even suicide.”

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