Monica Hogan

Staff Representative

Berea, Cuyahoga County

Unions are the only organization that stands up for the rights of everyone.

Susan Wilson

Human Resource Analyst/VP CWA Local 4502

London, Madison County

Right to Work is wrong because it is truly the right to work for less. More people die on the job when right to work is in place.

Dave Spurrier

Retired Educator

Hamilton, Butler County

Right to Work is wrong because it undercuts the ability of workers to have an equal voice at the bargaining table.

David Janiszewski

Mount Vernon, Knox County

I believe "Right to Work" is wrong for our communities and families because wages, benefits, and safety all decrease.

Mariann Penska

Butler County Board of Elections Member

West Chester, Butler County

Right to work is wrong for Ohio.

Mark Thompson

Bear Motorsports

West Chester, Butler County

Strong unions are why the middle exists. Right to work is wrong!

David H. Finke

Oberlin, Lorain County

Remember who gave us the 8-hour workday and abolished child labor.

Nancy Finke

Oberlin, Lorain County

Without strong unions, greed will out!

Wendy Stewart

Community Activist

Pickerington, Pickerington County

Right to Work is Wrong because it destroys our communities.

Ken Culver

Community Leader

Lancaster, Fairfield County

If unions negotiate a living wage and benefits, it ripples through the entire organization and community.