Paul Johnson

Businessman, Community Leader

Pickerington, Fairfield County

Communities are strong only when we work together and stand up for each other.

Tim Ahrens

Faith Leader

Columbus, Franklin County

It is our sacred duty to protect and defend workers, to grant them hope and life.

Tamar Gray


Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga County

Do not be deceived or fooled. It is to our demise to think that the misleading words "right to work" will benefit the working class.

Jessie Frymyer


Orient, Pickaway County

... workers lose the ability to be guaranteed a voice at the table when decisions are made about their workplace.

Thomas Luvison


Independence, Cuyahoga County

Right to Work is wrong for our communities and families because it means Right to Work for less.

Norman Wernet


Columbus, Franklin County

Right to Work is wrong because it means a lower standard of living, less ability to save for retirement and poorer outcomes as we age.